CBD has many wonderful benefits for the human body, and many people around the world have already started to see the effects that CBD can have on them. Unfortunately, there are some areas that aren’t often discussed when it comes to the kinds of symptoms that CBD can help with. Specifically in this article we will learn about neurodegenerative and demyelinating diseases, what causes them, and how CBD oil can possibly help people who have to deal with these conditions.

The brain, our body’s processor, is made up of a network of around 100 billion neurons firing directed signals throughout the body’s nervous system. These neurons are the ways that we interact with our environment, how we feel, see, and move around. It would stand to reason that we would want to keep them as intact as possible, but the unfortunate truth is that there are people with diseases that slowly degrade neurons and their ability to do their job properly. These are neurodegenerative diseases. There are many kinds, but one of the more common is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which causes the body’s immune system to attack the central nervous system.  


Neurodegenerative Diseases by Flow Supplements


When it does this, it causes damage to the coating of the neuron, called the myelin sheath, that protects the signal being sent from one cell to the next. An easy comparison is to a phone charging cable. When we first buy them, they are flexible and make strong connections, but over time as the coating degrades you may only be able to charge your phone when it sits at just the right angle so the wires line up correctly. In the same way, if our myelin sheath degrades it can cause our brain’s signals to be misinterpreted or stop them altogether. This can cause problems for both brain to brain connections for things like memory, as well as brain to body connections for actions like movement.


Multiple Sclerosis is just one example of how a myelin sheath can degrade, but there are many other conditions that have similar effects on the body, such as alzheimer’s and dementia(1), parkinson’s disease, some forms of epilepsy, and even traumatic brain injuries such as strokes. These conditions currently have no known cures, so how can we best protect ourselves against this demyelination? 


According to the latest research (2) (3) activation of the endocannabinoid system through the use of CBD shows great promise at helping our bodies fight off the inflammation that is prone to causing so much neural damage, as well as giving the cells that create the myelin, known as oligodendrocytes, a boost to their efficiency. (4) Although this will not cure these conditions, it can make life much more enjoyable for those affected. Research (56) has also shown that other kinds of oils such as medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT oils, can be beneficial in protecting against the demyelination of neurons. MCT oil is a common carrier agent for CBD and can be found in many store bought products.

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