What to Look for When Shopping For CBD

The Hemp and CBD market has seen a massive boom in the past few months. Unfortunately, this rise in popularity has lead to a bunch of amateurish business owners entering the market who source low quality product from untrusted sources and pass it off as “High Quality” to the unknowing consumer. This is why it’s important now more than ever to know what it is you’re buying and where it’s coming from.

Below we’ve listed some techniques to better understand the products that you’re buying and how to choose a high quality CBD source. 

Check For Independent Third-Party Lab Testing

When looking at a company to buy CBD products from make sure that they are actively testing their products. Transparency is key in our industry and if you can’t find the lab tests for their products then you should probably steer clear of them. At Flow Supplements we test the bulk CBD isolate/distillate extracts that we use for formulating our products to ensure purity from contaminants and heavy metals. Then, we test the final products to ensure overall cannabinoid potency has been achieved. We repeat this testing process with every batch that we produce. If the tests don’t come back the way we want we don’t sell the product or use the extracts for our formulation.

Guarantee Purity With Clean Extraction Processes

When the most contaminants found in CBD products come into play is during the extraction phase. Even if a farmer follows clean and organic growing practices, it’s the extraction process that allows for various types of contaminants to enter the products. It’s extremely important to make sure that before ingesting any CBD product, no matter how reputable the company may seem, that you check to see what method was used during the plant extraction and that a thorough test was done to ensure purity.

Use Products With Fully Disclosed Labels

Not all products use the same ingredients. It is important to always read the labels of the products that you are thinking about purchasing. If the label is vague or doesn’t clearly state what is in it, don’t buy it. One of the many great things about CBD is that it is a naturally occurring compound, and doesn’t require anything artificial to work naturally with your body. Look for products that have natural and organic ingredients to make sure you wont have any adverse side effects associated with using them. 

Buy From Reputable and Domestic Manufacturers

A company with an excellent reputation has earned it through guaranteeing their product and being tested over time. Only trust CBD oils produced by experienced and ethical manufacturers. Do your homework before choosing the right one for you.

Not all CBD oils are the same, nor are they the same quality. It is important to educate yourself to ensure you are getting the highest quality products. Flow Supplements is dedicated to producing the finest and purest products available on the market. Check out our collection of CBD oil products today.